3 Day Retreat

Would you like to journey on the autobahn of healing for 3 days, receive profound insights, feel a deep level of self-unconditional love, and connect more with your intuition and inner guidance system?

About Our Dispensary

Hola beautiful soul,

Are you seeking a healing experience that will
detoxify your body on a physical, mental and
emotional level?

Would you like to journey on the autobahn of
healing for 3 days, receive profound insights,
feel a deep level of self-unconditional love,
and connect more with your intuition and
inner guidance system?

Are you ready to rapidly shift into a new state
of being and attract more of what you desire?
3 day retreat

Welcome to Quantum Kambo

an authentic and heart-centered healing community offering opportunities for people to connect with ancient tribal treatments from the Amazon jungle, the Mexican Sonoran desert and the Mayan Yucatán Peninsula.

Our 3 day retreats offer multiple ceremonies with certified practitioners. The work done in these ceremonies activates our attendees’ ability to heal themselves from past traumas and mental and emotional blockages.
By clearing out what doesn’t serve us anymore on a physical, mental and emotional level, we open space for our goals and dreams to manifest. We also fast track our ability to live a more healthy and high-vibe lifestyle with a greater level of ease.
One unique aspect of our retreats is we can accommodate any location. Once a group has formulated in a specific area, we rent a comfortable and cozy space to welcome guests and facilitate ceremonies.
3 day retreat

What is included in the 3 day retreat?

  • 3 Kambo ceremonies 1 ceremony per day
  • 1 Bufo ceremony
  • 1 Tepezcohuite ceremony
  • 2 Rape ceremonies
  • Food on site
  • 4 nights accommodations

What is Kambo and why 3 ceremonies?

Kambo is an incredibly powerful purgative, empowering us to clear away physical, emotional, and spiritual blockages. The secretion of the Phyllomedusa bicolor contains protein chains called peptides. These peptides mimic our own body’s hormones and are able to permeate the blood-brain barrier.

Treatment of Alzheimer’s
Blood circulation problems
Vascular insufficiency
Organ diseases
Skin and eye issues
Fertility problems in women

and more

Kambo has antibiotic properties and strengthens the immune system, while
physically destroying pathogenic microorganisms.

Kambo is a very powerful ally in response to COVID-19, as well as other illnesses.

Kambo is traditionally known to be anti- inflammatory, antibiotic, antimicrobial, antiviral, and can even help to heal certain types of cancer.

Kambo is also a powerful tool against forms of dis- ease that diminish the essence of one’s being and quality of life. Such as depression, PTSD, addiction, chronic fatigue syndrome and so much more.

In the case of Kambo, we are allying with the Spirit of a frog that has a very strong immunity to predators.

Some believe the Spirit of Phyllomedusa bicolor lends us a similar power of being nearly impervious to predatory energy – physically, mentally, and energetically.

As the DNA signature of the frog is introduced into our body, its Spirit gifts us the power to cast off parasitic energies that prey on the body, mind, and spirit.

Synchronicities and good luck are also a common effect of Kambo (many people report having synchronistic visitations by frogs in the days just before or after receiving Kambo).

“Kambo circulates in the heart. When we take Kambo, it makes the heart move accurately so that things flow, bringing good things to the person.

It’s as if there was a cloud on the person, preventing the good things to come; then, when they take the Kambo, it becomes a green light which opens the way, making things easier.” –
Kaxinawá Kambô shaman

We do 3 kambo ceremonies to honor the tradition of the Matsès tribe in the Amazon who first discovered this treatment. They found that sitting with kambo 3 times within a 30 day cycle, referred to as inoculation, yielded the utmost benefit to the person.

All of this is barely scratching the surface of the potential within Kambo’s treatment. However, it is important to note that while there has been scientific research on the peptides in Kambo, to date no such study has been done with Kambo itself.

There is a host of anecdotal evidence and glowing testimonials from happy Kambo clients all over the world, but as of yet no peer- reviewed scientific studies exist.